Smart City & IOT

With rise of artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles and drones more and more Urban Areas are opting to launch their own Smart City Projects by utilizing different types of electronic data collection sensors to supply valuable data, about city and its inhabitants, which is used to manage urban area assets and resources efficiently. Therefore sensors and other smart electronics play vital role in unleashing the power of Internet of things and extending internet connectivity beyond conventional computing platforms.

Shopping Malls & Mixed Use Facilities

The parking space of facility, can be shopping mall or office complex, is where guests arrive and depart, so it has far stretching impact on business than just providing a space for customers’ vehicles. It is a proven fact that parking facility of facility leaves the first and last impressions on visitors and it plays a major role in a customer’s decision on where to do business.

Transportation Hubs & Airports

State of the art traffic control and car parking solutions enable transport hubs and airports to optimize traffic flow and gain a competitive advantage by improving customer experience.



Teknotel’s ToF (time of flight) & Video based Car Parking Guidance System can work at both indoor and outdoor spaces. Launched in 2016 we successfully completed 12 large scale Projects in the region.

TTS Maestro

With 10+ year of experience our Centrally Manageable Intersection Controller System is a market leader in Turkey. Currently our engineers are working on International R&D Project to integrate the edge computing, big data and artificial intelligence capabilities in our System which will be able to communicate with autonomous vehicles.

PCB Manufacturing

Established in 1996 and constantly evolved over time at Teknotel we have the industry’s best engineering and equipment capabilities in PCB Manufacturing and Electronic Products Assembly.

Key Features & Facts about TTS Maestro (™) Intersection Controller

Proprietary Software Tools for Admin

Maestro Wizard – Easy to use config tool

Maestro Central System- Web service for remote control and observation

Maestro Mobile Application – Android/IOS

High Quality Hardware Panel

64 Signal groups (96 signal outputs/traffic lights)

64 Digital inputs (Pedestrian safety crossing buttons)

64 Loop detector inputs (To detect vehicles)

GSM/Ethernet Connection- GPS Signal

Certified Software Development Partners

ISSD is an Ankara based electronics company which develops software solutions on top of Maestro Hardware

Tekobel is another electronics company which develops software solutions on top of Maestro Hardware, their team is located in Denizli

Maestro is successfully deployed in over 12 countries


NGA-ITMS international R&D Project to enable our Maestro – Traffic Control System to communicate with autonomous vehicles

Parking Facility of Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport

Intersection Controllers in Samsun City

Car Park Guidance System of Vadistanbul Shopping Mall

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About Us

Teknotel Electronics was established in 1996 in Istanbul at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Over 20+ years experience we constantly evolved our technology and vision. As a result Teknotel has cutting edge technology to manufacture industrial and embedded electronic products powered by edge computing, big data and artificial intelligence. We also have ISO 9001 Quality Certification. At Teknotel labs and assembly line we produce ToF & Video based Parking Guidance Systems, Centrally Managed Traffic Intersection Controllers, Traffic Lights and Counters, Traffic Speed Sensing Systems, LED Display Panels, Electronic Tachometers and many other high tech solutions.



Teknotel became official partner of Metropol Istanbul

Teknotel became official partner of Metropol Istanbul

Our company is proud to announce that we we will supply the ParkMaestro – Car Parking Guidance System to Metropol Istanbul – new and one of the largest Business Complex with 5,900 car parking capacity. Please follow our website and Linkedin page for more updates on this grand project.

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